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Bernini is an important figure. His work has remarkable vigor and vitality, in no small part to the compositional nature of his gesture. This work translated into the pillars which you see below and can see in person if you go to the Vatican.

During this period there were many painters who took to the dramatic use of gesture.  Peter Paul Rubens was one, the Tiepolo family another and the Italian Mannerists such as Pontormo.




Peter Paul Rubens

The Flagellation of Christst-james-the-greater-conquering-the-moors-1750.jpg!Large-1










Saint James the Great Conquering the Moors














Jacopo Pontormo












There have been many expressions of this use of gesture throughout history. I will add a couple of contemporary examples below in the next couple of days/

Beth Cavener 

Beth Cavener


The Figure in Blocks

This project is meant to push you in the opposite direction of photography. Photographs capture massive amounts of information. Drawing from the figure, in this way, is about simplifying to identify only the most essential parts of the pose.

The challenge is to identify the relationship between the pelvis, rib cage and head. These three will define the essential movement of the body.

The limbs are the supporting cast in the play. Once you have established the relationships between the three forms you can enhance the qualities of the pose with the limbs. They can give context, weight and drama to the pose.e9780114b8c94e16cd762364b4a3dbe7