Project 2–Research an Artist

This is a recap of what is due for the research an artist project.

  1. One page statement. This should include three paragraphs.   8 points
    • The artists basic biographical information. This should include the art movement they are identified with and the primary historical context in which they worked.
    • Describe what attracted you to their work and quickly discuss the visual language they use/used. This is about gesture, line, value, materials, content, composition, etc.
    • Finally, briefly describe the process of uncovering the visual language you adopted from  your artist and how you incorporated it into your project.
  2. The body of sketches and drawings which are the byproduct of your preparation.  8 points
  3. The finished piece or pieces. 14 point

I apologize, I posted this later than I intended. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.



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